Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit

Tree Planting Kit

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Go Green Babies Tree Kit Produces a Beautifully Healthy Stone Pine Tree. 

With high germination rates, our seeds native to Spain require very little care due to their high tolerance levels. A little water and some good Sunlight the seed will start sprouting within a few days. Resulting in a great sense of achievement knowing the tree will do good for our precious planet earth. 

As a keepsake and evidence of your awesome climate change busting work, we include a unique Milestone Card. As an addition to the standard Milestone Cards great for recording any new babies early life achievements our "My First Tree" is the green addition.

Kit Includes:

1 Compostable Planting Bag

1 Coco Coir Soil Pellet For Best Results

1 Spanish Stone Pine Tree Seed

1 "My First Tree" Milestone Card

1 Tree Planting Beginners Guide

Some stats

Average UK birth rate: 680,000

Our Target: 1 Tree Per Baby

Potential Result: 14.2 Million Kgs of Carbon Cleaned

Help Go Green Babies achieve there mission, share your love with a new baby through our amazing eco-friendly gift boxes designed to leave a lasting impression. We include our tree kits in every box we ship for absolutely nothing to help achieve our target.

Best Seller: Dolphin Box

Twin Giftsets: Twin Box

Bath Time: Elephant Box


When You Purchase, We

Plant 1 Tree - Start offsetting Today. With your purchase, some kind farmers in Madagascar will plant a seed which will grow into a carbon cleaning machine.

Donate £1 to WDC - A Giftset that keeps on giving. We support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation for cleaner, healthier oceans in the future. 

Go Green Babies Tree Planting Counter

We plant trees with Ecologi