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Meet Lenny The Lion | Cozy Cuddler Series

Meet Lenny The Lion | Cozy Cuddler Series

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New & Unique in 2023

Meet "Lenny" who is a fun and brave leader of a pride but also has a silly side, this lion loves to play pranks on his pride members and always has a joke or a pun ready to make them laugh.
Lenny's roar is a symbol of fear and power but sometimes Lenny likes to add a silly touch to it like a lion version of beat boxing.
Overall Lenny is a fierce, brave, and a noble lion, who leads with integrity and kindness but also adds a fun and playful side to his leadership.

Infants often form a strong attachment to a particular toy and our Cozy Cuddlers make great companions for such a bond. These cuddlers are both portable for on-the-go adventures and cozy for snuggles, bringing a calming and soothing atmosphere.
Whether it's for bedtime snuggles or playtime during a car ride, these comforters will keep your baby entertained and relaxed in any situation. Made from durable organic cotton muslin and filled with polyester in the head, these Cozy Cuddlers are designed to last, making them a dependable and long-lasting friend for your little one.

Choose "Gift Packaging" for your order to be elegantly packaged in our environmentally conscious Go Green Babies Box, or opt for "No Gift Packaging" to save on delivery fees while still receiving your order in our eco-friendly packaging bag.

Get ready for the arrival of our Cozy Cuddlers Stories, each accompanied by its own set of exciting adventures that can be accessed online via a QR code found within the packaging. Be sure to show your excitement by registering in advance.

Inside The Box:
1 x Comforters
1 x Character Intro Cards
1 x 20% Discount Voucher

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