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Kooky & Friend | Twin Baby Gift | Baby Comforters

Kooky & Friend | Twin Baby Gift | Baby Comforters

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Mix & Match

With Kooky, Lenny, and Bouncy, kids can experience a wild and fun mix of personalities. Whether they pair Kooky, who loves bringing joy, with brave and confident Lenny or mischievous Bouncy, double the fun is guaranteed with two Cozy Cuddlers.

These little companions are perfect for new-borns and toddlers, who often develop a special bond with a certain toy they take everywhere - from bedtime snuggles to car rides.

With Mix & Match your order will be elegantly packaged in our environmentally conscious Go Green Babies Box.

Made of soft and durable organic cotton muslin, with a head filled with polyester, these cuddlers are built to last, making them the ideal long-lasting friend for your little one.

Get ready for the arrival of our Cozy Cuddlers Stories, each accompanied by its own set of exciting adventures that can be accessed online via a QR code found within the packaging. Be sure to show your excitement by registering in advance.

Inside The Box:
2 x Comforters
2 x Character Intro Cards
2 x 20% Discount Voucher (Redeem individually)

Character Intro Card:

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