About Us

The year 2020 brought about significant changes in our world, including the arrival of our precious little son on September 16th. As new parents, we were grateful for the numerous gifts we received, but felt like

something was missing - a true companion for our baby to bond with on exciting adventures.

To fill this void, we introduced our son to a Koala comforter that we named Kooky. The bond between Nile and Kooky was immediate and unlike anything we had seen before. Kooky soon became a constant companion, accompanying Nile on all of his adventures.

Inspired by the special relationship between Nile and Kooky, we wanted to bring this type of companionship to other babies and toddlers. We created the Cozy Cuddler Series, consisting of three playful characters with distinct personalities.

It is a truly amazing sight to see Nile play and communicate with Kooky. The imaginative adventures they embark on together have fuelled Nile's imagination and cemented Kooky as his beloved and lifelong friend.