Where We Started

Where We Started

Go Green Babies  created shortly after Nile arrived. He was indeed a lock down baby born on the 16th Sept 2020. As expecting parents you can never really prepared for what is about to hit you, we did do our best to ignore the scary advise that most give but as any new parent will experience, bringing a new life in to this world can be a daunting experience. 

Nile now, is 9 months old and we could not have changed anything, from the minute he was born to now. The experience of being new parents was difficult but we got through it and found something to motivate us outside of just brining Nile up.

Naturally parents are curious as to what their children will grow up to achieve, as were we. Its a very normal thing I assume, we slowly found ourselves thinking slightly differently with most of our attention being drawn towards... "Before we consider what or who Nile will grow up to be, we first need to understand where he will achieve these things in his life". 

Whilst for most of our adult years we did not consider such things, we drove cars which had huge Co2 emissions, we had never considered changing our thinking in the types of products we use or ever really thought how our life style could be damaging our planet.  

Our conclusion was that the way we had lived through most of our adult life, the lifestyle in which we had become comfortable will directly impact our children, at this moment being Nile. 

So we decided to change, hundreds of people out there think about changing the way they live to reduce their carbon footprint but as we have found it can be really difficult and quite costly. 

We make very small changes to our life every so often so to not change the way we live to much and still allow for SOME of the luxuries in life which make us happy. Which we believe we will be able to phase out over time. 

In the 9 months we had Nile, we have made quite a few changes. The first and most important one was getting rid of the dirty diesel we had been driving around. Leaving us with one car in the household, it can be sometimes quite inconvenient but when we think about why, that inconvenience is trumped by our overall goal. 

Making small shifts in our lifestyle is the beginning of what we know we can achieve to help our beautiful planet. The next big chapter being Go Green Babies through which we want to distribute what we learn, make available what we use and allow other parents to start their journey by taking small steps. 


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