Are Boxes Trending?

Are Boxes Trending?

May Be, May be not

Regardless having cardboard boxes means having 0 plastic requirements. Yes they do not sometimes look as nice, Yes they are difficult to get creative with BUT they can be sustainable. Given you choose the right type of box!

Our Go Green Babies boxes are made by Packhelp, based in Warszawa, Poland. Packhelp's eco friendly packaging solution goes a long way to making cardboard packaging a much friendlier sustainable material. 

Cardboard can be classed as a good sustainable material so long as the way it was produced is clean and the raw materials were sourced from FSC certified forests .

Our boxes are:

Bio-degradable - They break down in to natural elements found in nature.

Compostable  - They disintegrate into natural elements while in a specific. environment. 

Plastic Free - Contain no petroleum-based plastics.

They are produced:

Using the "Clean air Policy" - Removing toxins and pollutants from the air during the manufacturing process. 

From "Certified Wood" -  Sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills.

In summary, if you think boxes are not so trendy, think about the positive impact they have on our precious earth. 

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